Bob Karty


“Bob has a gift for meeting his students at their level. He provides structure where I need it, but also follows my interests so that I grow as a musician in the ways that are most important to me. He has a wealth of musical knowledge that he shares generously.”

—-Jenn G., private student studying jazz and salsa/Afro-Cuban piano

“This class is teaching me exactly what I need to know in order to move forward…I am breaking old habits, and learning new ones…I am gaining the building blocks to move forward.”

—- Unsolicited comment from Chad D., a student in Jazz Piano 1 at The Jazzschool, February 2020.

The following comments are from anonymous student evaluations at The California Jazz Conservatory Community Music School (formerly The Jazzschool), Berkeley:

“Great teacher — material was inspiring and presented in a way that was accessible.”

“Bob is an excellent teacher and was very good at explaining concepts.”

“Iʼm amazed at how much I learned from Bob. Heʼs clear, organized and teaches in a systematic way.”

“Bob was organized and explained the concepts without jargon and made them very simple to understand.”