Bob Karty

Cover art for the album "Día Real"

“Dia Real is a perfect example of the soulful Pan American sound
that seems to spring naturally from Northern California.”

Alexa Weber Morales, Think Song

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Tanaóra was a sextet I co-led with singer-songwriter Cecilia Engelhart and percussionist and 10-time Grammy nominee Michael Spiro.

Our music blends jazz and pop from the Caribbean, Brazil, and the USA and features original songs by Cecilia.

Día Real was briefly released by a small label in 2009. It’s now available here exclusively.

I played piano and keyboards, co-produced, arranged, engineered overdubs, edited, and assisted with the mixing and mastering.

See below for more credits.

Cecilia Engelhart – voice
Bob Karty – piano, keyboards
Michael Spiro – percussion
David Belove – bass
Paul Van Wageningen – drums
Ron Stallings – soprano & tenor saxophones

Guest artists:

Rollón: Ray Obiedo – guitar; Carlos Caro – guira
Bonita: Carlos Oliveira – guitar; Melecio Magdaluyo – flute
Love Understands: Jeff Buenz – guitar
Día Real: Melecio Magdaluyo – alto sax; Carlos Oliveira – guitar
The Katanga Patrol and Polka Dots and Moonbeams: Jeff Cressman – trombone

Produced by Cecilia Engelhart, Bob Karty, and Michael Spiro.

Recorded by Jeff Cressman at Bay Recording and by Bob Karty at home.

Mixed by Jeff Cressman, Cecilia Engelhart, Bob Karty, and Michael Spiro.

Mastered by Paul Stubblebine.